Mobile App

Manthan IT Solutions is the company who is committed to provide you with an array of highly skilled and professional design based solution that will take your web existence to the next level.

Manthan IT Solutions is one of the best mobile application development company in Delhi NCR. Our expertise lies in building Android and iOS application. Manthan IT Solutions will make life easy for you by building highly efficient and effective mobile applications that will provide the best user experience across all platforms.

We develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms. The expertise team of mobile app developers delivers both flexible end product solution and business oriented customized solutions. We’ve hands on experience in developing mobile applications for various purposes such as GPS tracking, Social Networking, Managing the Data Form, Payment Gateway, etc. The mobile app developers at Manthan IT Solutions have built in-house capabilities and expertise in developing mobile applications such as iOS, Android and HTML5.


  • Planning: The primary objective of any activity is planning, where we find out the things that belong to the project. Every client has very unique and different ideas about the end result but they don’t know about the software. So here at this point out, the most skilled and efficient software engineers extract the ambiguous and even contradictory requirements of the clients. Once the planning is done then the scope document is initiated. Also, the planning for any procedure to go to is essential.
  • Implementation and documenting: Once the planning is done then it’s time to implement the code which is programmed for the projects. For the maintenance and enhancement an internal development of the software is done every time. Here our team determines about how much internal documentation is required if it is necessary..
  • Deployment and Maintenance: Deployment is done just after the code is successfully tested, approved to be released and distributed in the production environment. This includes the activities as installation, customization (as per the requirements of the clients or customer), testing etc. Maintenance and enhancement is required in time to time basis with the requirements or the discovered faults, as missed requirements may enforce redesigning of the software.

Our expertise gives all their hard work and fulfil all the procedures accordingly to make the brand more attractive and needed more in the market. Having said that our talented bunch of employee have such a brilliant brain storming and execution skill that one would always appreciate.