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LOYALTY Software is a fully automatic with Hirise. LOYALTY software is specially used for service. If we generate a service invoice in Hirise then automatically add or redeem points in Loyalty Software. We set 1 point value which we discount with the servicing charges. And also send the SMS to customers for the information regarding their points so that they can get updated.

Loyalty Software is automatically works on Hirise. We add or redeem points in the program and we set the value of 1 point which customer discount the servicing charges. Customer’s first servicing doesn’t make him eligible for gaining points but from his 2nd service he is awarded loyalty points.

In Loyalty Software we add the Point at ratio of servicing cost. If we generate the servicing Invoice then automatically add point in Loyalty software. In Loyalty Software we redeem points. We set the 1 point cost then we redeem point and customer get discount on servicing charges in Hirise. In Loyalty Software if we add or redeem point then automatically send SMS about the information of balance/Point in customer mobile.

Benefits of LOYALTY:-

  • Automatically works on Hirise
  • If we give discount then Customer comes again for servicing.
  • Automatically Send SMS if we add or redeem point

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